Blake Caldwell

Blake has 25 years of proven experience as kids / family entertainer and children’s pastor. He is a proven veteran performer and gifted kidmin specialist! Blake has performed both nationally and internationally with his magic. From crowds of a few dozen at a family birthday party to hundreds of kids at a camp, to an event of a few thousand, Blake can and has done it all! His shows captivate, connect and communicate with both young and old alike!

Through a combination of illusions, comedy, audience interaction and “ballonimations” (yeah...he made that up), kids will be left laughing, adults will be swept up in the flow, and all will be left wondering, how did that just happen?!

Blake lives in the Seattle area. He is a father of two and husband of one. He also has dog called Tobi or “Dude” which was what he wanted him originally called, but lost the name battle with the kids!

faith based...

Blake Has been a kid’s pastor and family pastor at 4 mega churches in Canada and the US. He is also an ordained elder in the Wesleyan Church. That means he can be called “Reverend”, (which he thinks makes him sound “old”).

Blake has had the awesome privilege of writing, producing and directing the largest kids show in the history of the Billy Graham Association. Over 41,000 families and kids came out for this innovative and new show called “The Kidz Mix!” An experienced curriculum writer, published author and weekend service producer, Blake has a keen understanding of what captivates kids and clear understanding of the end goal in mind.

“Discovering Jesus - it’s the most incredible thing to happen to a person – EVER! It’s why I do what I do…and why you are planning what you are planning! Let’s do this!”

Blake Caldwell